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Workspace Setup

Use the first guide to get your workspace ready to start! ! If you follow the article step by step you will be ready to use Zazu properly.

Article essentials

Create an account
Set a Workspace name
Invite your team
Set your SEO data
Upload your brand assets
Enable your company's domain
Connect your analytics tool

Watch this video to see how the whole setup works:

Create your Zazu account

You can create your account on Zazu's sign up page . Follow these steps to get started:

Enter your name, email address, and password in the sign up window and submit the sign up request
Check your mailbox and click on the verify button
You will be redirected to Zazu's login page and can access the tool with your email address and password

💡 Tip: You have a free trial that lasts 14 days. If you wish to extend or subscribe to our plans, please get in touch via our live chat!

Set a Workspace name

First thing to do after setting up the account is to give your Workspace a meaningful name and logo. Go the Settings (homepage left bottom corner) and your will find Workspace name and logo to be changed here.

Invite your Team

To collaborate with your entire team, you can invite new members by clicking Invite Member on the left bottom corner. Add as many emails as you like and read this article to learn more about how to invite new members or what the roles mean.

Set your SEO data

Add your general SEO information to have it linked as meta data to every published Story. Find more details in the Publisher Branding article.

Publisher Name: The Publisher Name is the name of the person or organization publishing the Web Stories online.
Publisher logo: The Publisher Logo will appear in the results in Google Search. Make sure to upload a logo that represents the person or organization who is publishing the Web Stories.
Favicon: The Favicon appears in the browser tab when someone watches your Web Story online.

Manage your brand assets

You can upload your company-specific fonts and colors to Zazu and have them listed in the Zazu editor for quicker access. You can find more details here on how to add brand fonts and colors or watch this GIF:

Enable your company's domain

Your Stories are hosted on Zazu's domain by default. You can make your Stories accessible from your own domain by following the steps of creating a custom domain.

💡 Tip: Hosting the Story on your domain can boost your SEO

Connect your analytics tool

You can use Zazu's In-app Insights to get some performance metrics right away. To analyze and report the performance of your Stories you can also use Google Analytics or any analytics tool.
Connect Google Analytics
Connect any analytics tool with a custom code snippet: Custom code snippets allow you to add tracking snippets to the code of your Web Story.

⚠️ Careful: Your custom code snippet may cause issues with regards to the AMP validation of a Web Story.

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Still have questions or other issues? Drop us a line in the chat! Here to help 🙌

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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