Learn how to build Stories by getting a quick overview of the most important editing and publishing functionalities!

Article essentials
Where to create a Story
Add layers
Edit layers
Add new slides
Publish the Story

Follow this video and create your first Story:

Steps to create a Story

Where to create a Story
Click on the button in the right corner to create a new Story and access the editor environment:

💡 Tip: Before starting to add layers you can choose a background color at the inspector sidebar on the right

Add layers
Pick a layer from the left toolbar and choose the preferred object by clicking on it. The object will appear on your first artbroad.

Edit layers
You can edit the layers inside the Story by dragging the size or moving the object. For more settings click on the object and define the parameters on the right.

Add new artboards
If you are done with your first artboard it is time to go on with the next one! To add a new artboard click on the small plus at the artboard overview on the bottom of the screen.

Publish the Story
After creating all of your artboards and finishing your Story, you can either save it and continue later or directly publish the Story. To do so you have to click the publishing button in the upper right corner and select the Story format.
If you choose to publish as a Web Story you have to fill the Publishing settings additionally

Read more detailed Story editing infos at Design Stories:
Add and edit text
Add and edit artboards
Create and add templates
Add and edit interactive elements
Animate your Story

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