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Connect third-party tracking tools

There is a highly customized option to track your Web Stories performance with any tracking tool. Read on to know how it works!

Connect third-party tracking tools

Zazu offers you the opportunity to track your Web Story performance with a tool of your choice. This is done by inserting your custom code snippet (from your analytics tool) in every Web Story. All you have to do for this process is go the Zazu's Settings, create a new snippet, and enter the custom code in the respective field (highlighted below).

After being submitted, the custom code will need to be validated by us and after that it will be applied to every Web Story that you've published. The verification process exists in order to make sure the submitted code will not harm or break the Web Stories that you create and publish.

⚠️Caution: In order to follow the Google AMP guidelines the custom code should use the <amp-analytcis> component - it is needed for AMP to link a tool to a webpage

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Updated on: 25/08/2021

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