You can upload your company-specific fonts to Zazu. This is the easiest way to create customized Stories that are on-brand and make the view feel right at home.

Add your Brand fonts

This gif shows you how the process of adding your own fonts work:

Follow these steps for an easy setup:

Navigate to the homepage and click on the Settings section in the bottom left corner and enter the Branding tab
Click the button Add font and browse through your computer files to select the preferred fonts
You can easily delete your existing fonts by clicking on the trash can

💡 Tip: The font of created Stories won't be affected if you delete a custom font afterwards

Now your brand fonts are added to your font library. You can now use them in your Stories by adding a text element and opening the font drop-down menu in the inspector. The brand fonts will be displayed separately at the beginning of the drop-down menu.

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