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There are several ways to display Web Stories on your website. The following article will explain some options so you can decide what works best for your website!

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Use the Zazu Widget
Link to a Web Story
Embed anywhere with an iframe

There are many ways to integrate a Web Story on your website. The way you want to present a Web Story just depends on your use case. With Zazu there are three easy ways to integrate your Stories:

Zazu's Carousel can be used to display multiple Web Stories in a visual appealing way that follows the look and feel of Stories on social medias. The Carousel from is fully customizable and you can read in this article how to create a new Carousel on Zazu.

A Carousel is in more technical words a code snippet that can be easily embedded anywhere on your website. The Carousel is clearly a strong and interactive way to present Web Stories because it reminds the user of the social media experience. That makes it very user friendly and highly optimized for mobile while looking great on desktop as well.

Link to a Web Story

Every published Web Story can be accessed directly through a URL link. This means any text, picture, or CTA can be linked to the Web Story so that with one click the Story will open up. Using this method, you can link your Web Stories to any component on your website.

💡Tip: Web Stories give you the opportunity to link a Story to another one by inserting the Web Story URL to a swipe up in an instagram Story

Embed anywhere with a iframe

When publishing a Story on Zazu you will get a URL link as mentioned before and you will also get an embed code. This is an iframe embed code which means that you can insert this code anywhere on your website it will display the Story as an iframe.

These three options help you to get the most out of Web Stories and show them in a visually appealing way that suits your online experience. Don't hesitate to contact us for more help and advice on showing Web Stories on your website.

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Updated on: 02/06/2022

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