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Create a new Web Story Carousel

Bring the Instagram Story experience to your website. Launch your own Web Story Carousel and seamlessly display Stories to your audience.

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps!

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Create a new Story Carousel
Customize your Story Carousel
Manage the Stories in your Carousel

Create a new Story Carousel

You can create a new Story Carousel directly from the Dashboard in the Story Carousel section. In the creation pop-up, you will need to fill these settings:

The name of your Carousel
Tags: you can decide which tags to include in your Carousel. All the Stories containing the selected tags will appear in the Carousel
Preset: you can select a Carousel design to start with

Customize your Story Carousel

In the Design tab of the sidebar, you can edit the design of your Story Carousel to your liking. You can modify many settings including Size, Radius, Border Gap, Spacing, Shadow, Arrows and Bullets.

You can also add a text header as well as text descriptions for your Stories. In the Text tab, you can freely decide on the text styles, sizes and position.

Below is clip to get a closer feeling of how it works:

💡Tip: All Stories need to be published before they can appear in the Story Carousel

You can decide at any point to add or remove Stories from your Carousel by editing the Tags selection. In order to do so, click on the Tags component at the bottom of the screen.

You can easily change the position of your Stories by opening the component at the bottom left of the page. Drag and drop the Stories to re-arrange them from top to bottom. The top position is always the first Story to appear in the Carousel.

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Updated on: 24/05/2022

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