With Zazu you can push your Stories live on website with the Web Story Carousel! Before digging into publishing, let's take a look at the preview feature.


The carousel shows a preview of the Stories inserted on a website using a device and a desktop view.

This also serves as a tool to double check and get a first idea of how the Story Carousel will look like later on.


To publish your Web Story Carousel:

Click on the orange "Publish" button at the top right corner
Set up the Stories URL
Fix a date in case you'd like to schedule the post for a specific hour

💡Tip: Picking a timed availability is only possible if you use the Carousel as a JSON feed, not for HTML

The Web Story Carousel is then successfully published. The embed code displayed can be copied by selecting the option of "Copy embed code". Note that the Story URL is set in the settings "Publishing" tab.

The embed code copied is custom java script "HTML" and should then be inserted directly into a website.

The other option is JSON. However, for that, technical implementation is required so make sure to reach out to us!

💡Tip: Any changes made on a Web Story Carousel are directly implemented into the live carousel after pressing the "save" or "publish" button

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Still have questions or other issues? Drop us a line in the chat! Here to help 🙌
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