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How to publish a Web Story Carousel

With Zazu you can push your Stories live on a website or a mobile app with the Web Story Carousel! Before digging into publishing, let's take a look at the preview feature.


You can preview how your Carousel will look like by clicking the Preview icon. You can switch between desktop and mobile view to have a better feeling of the end result.


To publish your Web Story Carousel:

Click on the "Publish" button at the top right corner
Decide which domain to use for the Stories inside the Carousel
You can schedule a time range when the Carousel will appear on your website or your mobile app.

💡Tip: Picking a timed availability is only possible if you implement the Carousel as a JSON feed, not as a HTML element.

The Web Story Carousel is then successfully published. You have then several options to implement your Carousel on your website or your mobile app, check with your IT which solution is best fitted for your use case:

HTML element: You can copy the HTML code and implement it directly on any web page.
JSON feed: You can copy the JSON link which renders the Carousel

💡Tip: Any changes made on a Web Story Carousel are directly implemented into the live carousel after pressing the "save" or "publish" button

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Updated on: 25/05/2022

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