The My Stories section gives you the opportunity to manage all your Stories and keep an overview. This includes the option to delete and duplicate your Stories.

Navigate your Stories

You can find all your Stories in the My Stories section and take the actions you see in this GIF:

By default you see the Stories that were edited most recently and you can click through them. Move your mouse to the right corner of a Story cover and you will see three dots. If you click on them you can duplicate or delete a Story. To get an overview of all your Stories click on See all and scroll down. The Duplicate/Delete and Move to actions work for this view as well.

A small intro to the "Move to" action:

💡Tip: You can create multiple nested loops of folders

When a Story is moved to a Teams' folder, it no longer exists in your 'personal' Story dashboard. You can only restore it by duplicating it, though it won't have the same link anymore.

This is all you have to know to manage your Stories!

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