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Folders help you stay organized inside your workspace. Follow this short article to get a quick introduction on how to use them.

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Create and understand Folders
Move Stories/Folders
Rename Folders
Delete Folders

Create and understand Folders

You can create a new Folder by pressing the "Create new Folder" button that appears after you have created at least one Story. Once you have created at least one Folder, you can press the orange "+" that appears on the right side of the Folder area.

💡Tip: You can create folders within folders to structure your Stories just the way you like it

Stories that you move to Folders will still be visible in the "Recent" section to provide you with quick access.

Move Stories/Folders

Personal Stories or Folders can be shared with other members of your workspace. They cant, however, be shared between different workspaces. In order to share your Story or Folder with the Team, follow these steps:

Click on the square box
Select Move to
Change from "My Stories" to "Teams"
Select Move Stories directly or add/indicate another folder before, if applicable

💡Tip: You can select and move multiple Stories or Folders at once

Once you moved a Story or a Folder you will receive a notification to inform you that the action was successful.

Rename Folder

You can always modify your folder's title at any time.

Click on the square box
Select Rename
Type in your new title

Delete Folders

Getting rid of a folder only takes a couple of easy steps.

Click on the square box
Select Delete

⚠️Caution: Stories inside a folder that gets deleted, are also deleted automatically

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Updated on: 26/11/2021

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