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Add and edit text

Text editing with Zazu is fast, easy, and highly customizable. Explore the possibilities and give your words a nice look!

Text editing basics

Here is a guide on how to use text layers in Zazu:

As you can see text editing is quite easy and probably what you are used to from working with design tools. Never the less this is how you can work with text in Zazu:

Add text by clicking on the text icon in the toolbar on the left
To type text simply double click into the text box
Move and resize the text by dragging the text field
You can duplicate, delete and lock the text with the bar right above the text field

More settings can be edited in the inspector sidebar on the right. You can change e.g. the font or add an animation.

💡Tip: Be fast and use shortcuts for basic layer actions with CTRT or CMD and duplicate +D, copy +C, paste +V, cut +X or delete (backspace)

You can also multi-select multiple texts at once for a faster editing:

Select a text
Press Shift and hold
Click on the desired text one by one

Find out more about the other layer types:
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Create and add templates

Still have questions or other issues? Drop us a line in the chat! Here to help 🙌

Updated on: 25/01/2022

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