The layers on your artboard lay over each other and you can change the order by bringing layers back- or forward easily.

Rearrange layers

Any element that you use in your artboard is called a layer. There are different layer types like a text, video, image, or stickers. This GIF shows you how you can rearrange them:

By default the order of the layers is chronologic which means the most recent layer you add in the one on the top. If you want to change that order of layers and bring some to the front or back you have to click onto the icon in the bottom left corner. The layer at the top of the list is the one in the front and the layer at the end of the list the one in the back. By dragging the layers around the list you can rearrange their order. That way you can control your layer arrangement on every artboard.

💡Tip: The other option to rearrange a layer is by right-clicking on a layer - have a look at the image below to see your options

With these two ways your are able to arrange all layers as you like to create unique Story designs.

💡Tip If menu is clicked, it remains open until un-clicked

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