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Add and edit artboards

You can add as many artboards as you want, reorder, and duplicate them.

Artboard editing

At Zazu we call the Story frames artboard because this is where content becomes a small piece of art. This clip shows you how easy it is to manage your artboards with the tool:

It is quite simple and fast to add the boards, set a new order, and duplicate for easy re-creation. This is a list of what you can do exactly with the artboards:

When creating a new Story you will see one artboard per default and can add as many as you like
Add a new artboard by clicking on the plus icon in the artboard navigator at the bottom of the page
If you have a few artboards in a Story you can scroll with your mouse or trackpad through the navigator and select the artboard you want to see or edit
Within the navigator you can change the order of your artboards by dragging them around
The selected artboard has a white frame around it (in the artboard navigator) and you can easily select another one with a click
With the three icons in the bottom right corner you can set a custom duration for an artboard (10 sec per default), duplicate it, and delete the selected artboard
The duration has a auto-advanced option enabled by default. If you upload a video file, the story length will adapt to the length of the video file. If you disable the auto-advanced the story length will be infinite. The usual maximum artboard duration is 120 sec

⚠️ Caution: Disabling the auto-advanced will also disable the option of social export, because the slide duration is infinite

Now you know how to manage your different artboards and easily create Stories with multiple artboards.

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Updated on: 25/02/2022

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