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Share ideas, drafts, feedback with your team and build your Story together. Seamlessly invite external guests to the story editor for content approval.

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Teams Structure
Templates inside Teams
Sharing content with your team
Shared Story Carousel


Each member has their respective workspace where they can invite other members with whom they wish to collaborate. You can easily manage and rotate between different workspaces, when invited to multiple.

At the top left, click on your current workspace
The total number of members can be seen there
Click on the desired workspace you wish to work in

All Stories and Folders shared to the Team section are available to every member of that workspace. Each Story inside a Team indicates the name of the person who created/shared it right below the title.

You can invite different members and change their role as you please if and only if you're either Admin or Owner.

Admin has almost the same freedom as the Owner, that includes inviting new members, removing them and adjusting settings, whilst the Creator can neither invite/remove members nor modify settings but can nonetheless see them.

More on member management can be found either by clicking on the member icons in teams or settings. Details can be found here.


Alongside the personal templates you have, you have access to those shared across your team's workspace.
Simply open the template section in the editor and select the "Team" tab to see the templates that are available to you and all colleagues in your team.

Make your own templates available to the team by saving them as "team template" in the drop down menu on the top left.

Sharing content with your team

When a Story is created, it is directly listed under "My Stories" section, you can move the Story, or an entire folder, around by selecting Move to like it's shown below:

Select Story by clicking on the three dots
Select Move to
Select Teams folder

⚠️ Caution: You may not push a Story or a Folder back to "My Stories" once moved to Teams

Shared Story Carousel

Every created Carousel within a shared workspace becomes immediately accessible to other members and enables them to include either their own Stories from their "My Stories" section, or choose from the Stories that have been published in the "Teams" section.

Now you know your way around the teams section. So collaborate away!

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Updated on: 26/11/2021

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