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Publisher SEO

In this section you are able to add your general SEO information to have it linked as meta data to every published Story.

Publisher SEO

You can set SEO data that represents your brand and will be applied to all of your published Web Stories. You will find the Publishing section - that you see on the image below - if you go on the settings page. In the SEO part of the page you have three different data types that you can fill: Publisher name, Publisher logo and Favicon.

Publisher name: The Publisher name will be in the meta data of every Story that you post and is also visible in the Google Discover Story Feed (only released in a few countries). This is shown in the image below.

Publisher logo: Publisher logo is shown on every Web Story result that Google Search displays. An example for that can be seen in the image below. You can insert your company's logo in this field.

Favicon: Insert your company's logo or an icon that you want to appear in the browser tab when your Web Story is opened. The image below shows what a favicon looks like:

With these three settings, you ensure that all your Stories are branded and appear correctly on Google Search.

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Updated on: 25/08/2021

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