All the created Web Story Carousels are at your disposal on your Zazu dashboard! Take a closer look on how to manage them!

Web Story Carousels on your dashboard

All your Web Story Carousels are at one spot and one click away to access them.

Select the three points on the desired Story Carousel set, then you have the choice of either duplicating it or deleting it.

You can still delete a Story Carousel if you duplicated it by mistake, or don't wish to have it on your dashboard anymore.

The Story Carousel also shows a preview of the actual Stories inserted as well as the shape that you chose which makes it easier to identify each Story Carousel directly from the dashboard.

Web Story Carousel title and header

There's a difference between a title and a header when it comes to Web Story Carousel.

A title is used for organizing inside Zazu, whereas a header is what the user sees on the website.

Inside the GIF:

Story Carousel title (top left corner)
Story Carousel header (right above the slide displayed)

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